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Healthcare staffing shortages are on the rise. As more care moves to the home, can technology help close the gap?


Increasingly, health organizations are turning to technology to solve some of the complex challenges related to moving care from traditional acute settings and into homes and communities. For many, the investment in key tools and technologies can increase efficiencies and improve capacity of current staff.

With the aging U.S. population and the pandemic-fueled focus on remote services, more healthcare is now offered at home. An increasing number of providers and health plans are testing the waters with select services or expanding existing care-at-home capabilities.

While this transition unfolds, there is an intensifying shortage of clinical and operational staff to support care that is, or could be, delivered beyond the hospital campus. Most organizations simply do not have the workforce to adequately manage a remote patient population.

The rising cost of employer-sponsored healthcare makes it difficult for American businesses to compete globally. That doesn’t have to be the reality. Learn how one company changed its trajectory.

The situation has reached the point where the American Hospital Association has called it a national emergency and is pressing Congress to help address workforce challenges. Healthcare team members are already stretched thin, and burnout is a concern.

In these difficult circumstances, providers and health plans need […]

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