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Healthcare Stocks: 4 Questions For The Recovery


Historic efforts to develop COVID-19 vaccines have had two huge effects on the industry.

Efforts to waive patents on COVID-19 vaccines to help reduce costs for emerging markets are also stuck.

Since healthcare is an industry that has a profound impact on society, there’s a growing focus on the value of care provided for patients and communities.

Efforts to bring medical care closer to the home are growing.

Aksana Kavaleuskaya/iStock via Getty Images By Vinay Thapar & Ryan Oden Disappointing returns for healthcare stocks through the market’s recovery from the pandemic have raised concerns about the sector. But there’s still plenty of promising growth potential to be found. These four questions can help investors identify areas of interest.Since the pandemic began, many investors have paid close attention to the healthcare sector. Yet global healthcare stocks have trailed the broader market since the recovery from the COVID-19-related crash began in April 2020 and in the year to date ( Display ). Why the underperformance? First, the sector was affected by a rotation into more economically sensitive industries and out of more defensive industries such as healthcare as investors positioned for an economic reopening post-COVID-19. Second, unprofitable small- and mid-cap […]

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