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Here’s how one group of polar bears is adapting to climate change


Sea ice are Rising temperatures are melting the Arctic sea-ice on which polar bears hunt, limiting their access to food.

A recent study has found a remote population of polar bears that have adapted to hunt on chunks of glacier ice.

The findings may provide a glimpse of how polar bears survived previous warm periods over the past 500,000 years.

But if the rate of global warming doesn’t slow down they will remain on a trajectory for extinction, the author warns.

An isolated population of polar bears in Greenland has made a clever adaptation to the decline in the sea ice they depend upon as a platform for hunting seals, offering a ray of hope for this species in at least some locales in the warming Arctic.

This population of several hundred bears, inhabiting part of Greenland’s southeast coast on the Denmark Strait, has survived with only abbreviated access to ice formed from frozen seawater by hunting instead from chunks of freshwater ice breaking off from the huge Greenland Ice Sheet, researchers said on Thursday.”They survive in fjords that are sea-ice free more than eight months of the year because they have access to glacier – freshwater – ice on […]

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