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Here’s to Your Health (Care Review) in ’22


It’s been quite a year for compliance in the health care industry, thanks to mandates from the New York state governor (first Cuomo, then Hochul) and broader trends relating to technology, culture, public health and patient advocacy. From digital data to medical marijuana, and from pandemic responses to popular culture, the Harris Beach health care blog recaps the seven most relevant, industry-rocking issues in 2021 as guidance for a strong start in 2022.

Vaccine mandates. Heard of ‘em? The issue of vaccine mandates for health care workers continues to loom large, now in the context of the recent spike in COVID cases, quarantine protocols, and dire staffing shortages. Disruption within the healthcare industry increased sharply this year, as health care employers scrambled to cover staff shortages, cancel or postpone elective surgeries, reduce operating room hours, cut back hours for non-essential programs and redeploy staff to cover gaps in critical services. They also had to figure out how to enforce vaccine mandates, verify proof of vaccination, and deal with staff who did not receive the vaccine. As this mandate crosses over to the private sector, we continue to monitor relevant issues.

Immigration solutions. With staffing stretched thin, health care organizations […]

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