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Hey, Higher Education: You’re On Mute


Higher education has been on the decline in an oddly quiet way. With enrollments down 10 consecutive years , state funding below 2008 levels , and public support eroding considerably, it’s almost as if higher education is on mute.

How could it be that such a precious institution – embedded in the American Dream and long the envy of the world – is seemingly shriveling away?

One explanation is that – as a collective – higher education has been unable to organize itself in a clear and coherent manner to make the most effective case about its value and to coordinate widespread changes to address the critiques of its constituents.

It’s time for higher education to unmute itself. There are a number of forces contributing to higher education’s decline. Unmitigated increases in college tuition for decades on end have corresponded with astronomical student loan debt.

Compounding the cost and debt issues is a real question about the ‘return on investment’ of a college degree, driven primarily by a lack of confidence in the work readiness of college graduates and the relevance of what they are taught.

Further, higher education has become a partisan […]

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