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His mother tortured him for years. Child services found out he’s gay & let him be raped.


A mother kicked her nine-year-old son out of her home after abusing him for years because he was gay. He was then trafficked for years and sexually molested while law enforcement looked the other way.

Now, at age 39, the victim is speaking out against the horrors he suffered as a child because his mother thought he was “a predator.”

This past year, Richie Barlow received a 40,000 GBP (about $49,000 U.S.) settlement from the Nottinghamshire, U.K., County Council and a letter of apology for allowing him to be abused for years. But that doesn’t erase the memories of being abandoned by his mother, tortured for being a gay boy, and then having to fight for decades to get the government to admit that it was wrong.

“Even in my earliest memories, my mum beat me and tortured me for being gay,” Barlow told Nottinghamshire Live , saying that he knew that he was “different” when he was four-years-old and that his mother “could tell.”

“I was imprisoned in my bedroom with no access to the toilet, no blankets or pillows and no food for days on end,” he recounted, adding that she would “pour fairy liquid and chili powder down his throat.”

“When […]

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