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How advanced analytics can help solve SDOH problems


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An expert tells how to surface key social determinant insights about patient populations and turn insights into action. Sheila Talton, CEO of Gray Matter Analytics The pandemic has shone a spotlight on longstanding issues with healthcare inequities due to underlying social determinants of health issues, such as living in a food desert, a lack of reliable transportation and unequal access to care.

However, many in health IT contend healthcare provider organizations can use advanced analytics to surface key insights about their patient populations and take action to ensure all patients have equal access to high-quality care.

Sheila Talton is CEO of Gray Matter Analytics, which offers value-based care healthcare analytics as a service. She is a believer in analytics helping to solve SDOH problems.

We interviewed Talton to get her expert insights into why SDOH issues are so important yet so often overlooked, how advanced analytics can be one of the big answers to the SDOH problem, how organizations can surface key SDOH insights about their patient populations, and how executives in charge of analytics can help turn insights into action. Q. Why are social determinants of health issues such as living in a food desert, lack of […]

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