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How AI Can Drive Healthcare Innovation


Dreamstime Health systems around the world are carrying an increasingly heavy burden conferred by a virus that has impacted all aspects of service delivery. Heart and lung services in particular are stretched, and there is a growing backlog of patients waiting for elective surgery. As of October, the U.S. was “likely developing a nationwide backlog of millions of surgeries,” according to McKinsey . The corollary of this stark fact is higher morbidity and mortality rates.

This virus has held global healthcare delivery at a standstill for over 18 months, despite the promising vaccine roll-out. The U.S. “passed the hospital breaking point” in December, as a headline in The Atlantic put it. Rochelle Walensky of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that a recent increase in coronavirus cases could herald a “ fourth surge .” If we do not act quickly to resolve the situation, the result could be thousands of untimely deaths.

Digital tools can help. In just one example, clinicians around the world are using artificial intelligence auto-contouring tech to automate and optimize the time-consuming task of pinpointing organs at risk. Researchers at one cancer center in New Mexico said that this AI saves them more than […]

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