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How AI can power early detection of dementia


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“Neurocognitive health interventions must be multipronged and personal, which necessitates the use of digital tools to adequately equip health systems to meet this growing need,” one expert says. David Bates, CEO and cofounder of Linus Health Biogen recently announced it is eliminating Adulhelm spending, which brings into question whether drugs are the only answer to Alzheimer’s – especially when advanced, IT-enabled early detection technologies and interventions are available.

Cognitive screening methods supported by technology are growing in popularity as healthcare professionals realize the value of having faster, more affordable access to cognitive data that informs actionable next steps, says David Bates, CEO and cofounder of Linus Health, a brain health technology company.

Healthcare IT News sat down with Bates to discuss the potential of early detection via these sophisticated screening methods and explain how AI-powered testing, using widely available devices, shows decline earlier than a human eye can detect.

Q. What kinds of IT-enabled early detection technologies and interventions are available for treating Alzheimer’s? A. Healthcare providers have long relied on paper and pencil-based tests to detect early signs of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in their patients and serve as the basis of […]

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