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How brands should navigate the minefield of political pitfalls this summer


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The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up this summer. The next few months promise to be chock-full of potentially divisive issues for corporations as the midterm elections accelerate, the Supreme Court prepares opinions and Congress mobilizes on some of the most hotly contested issues of our age: the 2nd amendment, abortion rights, freedom of speech and more. In the private sector, Elon Musk is taking over Twitter (maybe?), forcing a new chapter in the free speech debate, and the enduring fallout from the Russia-Ukraine conflict promises to refocus how brands tackle geopolitical conflict.

In short, summer 2022 will be a pressure cooker for brands and politics—all happening against the backdrop of bitter partisanship with the two parties duking it out for legislative supremacy in the midterms. What does this mean for you? It means that one group or another is very likely to come knocking and asking you to take their side on these hot-button issues. Sometimes they will add an “or else” to the request. Often it will be an employee petition.

It is clear, especially if you offer a mass-market product, that how you respond may literally determine billions of dollars in revenue and reputation, with the […]

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