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How Broken Politics In Bosnia-Herzegovina May Lead To War


Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and the mounting reports of civilian massacres, forced deportations, and systematic rape committed by Russian troops, the term ‘genocide’ has once again appeared on the forefront of European geopolitics. As always, use of this term is controversial. Some pundits have already decried the term, calling it ‘alarmist’ and ‘propagandistic’. But if Europe’s last genocide is anything to go by, it is better to call out a genocide before it happens than wait in shame after its has already taken place.

Bosnia-Herzegovina was the site of the bloodiest fighting and most pronounced instances of sectarian violence and ethnic cleansing that came from the dissolution of Yugoslavia, due in large part to the conflict between interspersed communities of Bosniak Muslims, Orthodox Serbs, and Catholic Croats of the region. When the fighting ended in 1995, Bosnia-Herzegovina was left filled with trauma and mass graves. Peace has held ever since, but the same vitriol that drove the first era of sectarian massacres is being heard, with increasing volume and clarity, ringing once again between the buildings and memorials still riddled with bullet holes.

In November 2021, Milorad Dodik, President of the ‘Republika Srpska’, one of the two […]

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