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How can I keep junk email out of my inbox without juggling two or more email accounts? [Ask ZDNet]


For those who prefer a single email account, the answer is … aliases. Welcome to the latest installment of Ask ZDNet , where we know that the answer to every question isn’t “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

In the mailbag this week: What’s the best way to filter out marketing mail, newsletters, and other clutter without using a separate email account? Is there a way to keep junk email out of my inbox without having to juggle two or more email accounts?

A few weeks ago, you recommended setting up a secondary email account as the best way to keep your inbox free of clutter. I’d rather stick with one email account, though. Do you have any options to recommend?

For those who missed the earlier Ask ZDNet column, here’s a quick refresher: “I’m drowning in spam! How do I make it stop?”

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And, yes, we understand the desire to keep things simple. For those who prefer a single […]

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