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How climate change drove food insecurity in the 2007 Lesotho drought


Drought leads to crop failure and creates food insecurity. In 2007, a severe drought in Lesotho and South Africa drastically reduced crop yields and increased food prices.

A recent study published in Scientific Reports shows that this was worsened due to climate change fuelled by human activity.

It has been estimated that climate change decreased the number of farming households in Lesotho that were self-sufficient by 50%.

Vulnerable areas prone to food insecurity need more adaptation strategies to protect them against the future effects of climate change, write three experts.

Lesotho is one of the least developed countries in southern Africa and has a precarious food security balance. Almost all of its main staple food of maize is produced within a single climatic region of southern Africa – 30% domestically and 70% imported from neighbouring South Africa.

In 2007, a severe drought in both Lesotho and South Africa upset this shaky situation triggering a dramatic drop in crop yields and a steep spike in food prices .In a recent study, published in Scientific Reports , we find that human-caused climate change exacerbated both the drought and its knock-on impacts for food security.Our findings indicate that climate change contributed to a […]

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