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How Climate Change Will Affect Your Investment Opportunities


© / Like most natural, social or political upheavals, climate change presents a unique opportunity for investors who know where to look. Sustainable technologies, like those behind electric cars and clean energy, have sent stocks like Tesla (TSLA) and NextEra Energy (NEE) soaring. But there are more opportunities on the horizon. Consider Investing in These Industries as the Climate Changes

Industries that are directly dealing with the effects or prevention of climate change could be good selections for your investment portfolio . If you want to leverage the latest Nobel prize-winning research into climate change’s effect on economics and business, you could consider investing in these industries: Sustainable Agriculture

When making investment decisions, note that the focus of climate change has shifted from preventing it to managing its consequences. In the case of agriculture, companies are researching new ways of producing food as the environment becomes more hostile to traditional methods. If you don’t know enough about sustainable agriculture to make a confident stock purchase, consider an ETF that lets you buy into many companies at the same time, like Defiance NextGen Food & Sustainability ETF (DIET). Coastal Region Businesses and Construction

Companies that provide goods […]

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