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How commissioning can help overcome today’s challenges in healthcare IT expansion


Vertiv’s Chris Dansa explores the key benefits of taking a commissioning approach to healthcare IT construction

The global pandemic pushed most industries into a seemingly inevitable, digital future. Remote work, ecommerce, and online schooling became a way of life for billions, and the demand for telehealth services exploded. Pre-pandemic, while nearly 80 percent of US hospitals had some kind of telehealth service, only eight percent of consumers had ever used that service . That all changed once the pandemic hit. From March 2019 to March 2020, telehealth claim lines increased more than 4,000 percent nationally . We may be moving past the pandemic, but consumer behaviors have changed forever, and the healthcare space is no exception. In the coming months, there will likely be a ramp-up of telehealth services and IT expansion projects across the healthcare space to meet this increased digital demand. As these projects become more common, it is hugely important that healthcare professionals put together a diverse team to help deploy projects successfully. However, even with a top-rate team, the fact is that the industry is still reeling from global supply chain issues that have wreaked havoc on project schedules and budgets.

While organizations cannot control these supply […]

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