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How data can future-proof healthcare in Latin America


(Credit: Unsplash) This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum .

Author: Rolf Hoenger, Head, Latin America, Roche Pharmaceuticals COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses in Latin America’s health systems that make them vulnerable to future health crises.

Some countries in the region are embracing a data-driven approach to healthcare – showing it’s possible to build a more sustainable model.

By relying on real-world evidence and data, policymakers can make informed decisions that respond to the needs of their populations.

While health systems across Latin America continue to try to balance the increasing burden of COVID-19, and the needs of patients with other conditions, we must urgently prepare for what’s ahead and build resilient models that can respond effectively to the post-pandemic health challenges.

The deficiencies that have come to light amidst the pandemic will only be cemented further if we do not change our approach to health in the region, leaving us in a vulnerable position when facing potential future crises. What would this picture look like? It’s not positive: a lack of proper equipment and trained professionals in place; an overwhelming strain on health systems; longer wait times […]

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