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How data center innovations will transform our personal healthcare experience by 2030

AI, digital infrastructure and data security are coming to healthcare just as sustainability has also become imperative. So what will healthcare look like in 2030, when data center meets doctor?

We all know what it’s like to have a relative or friend take on the challenge of a heath condition. Indeed, in the last 16 months no matter what the condition, whether awaiting diagnosis, treatment, or a scheduled check-up that has been delayed, the impact is acutely understood. Digital healthcare is at a pivotal point from the perspective of technology innovations facilitating improvements in individual well-being and personalized care, and this is not exclusively at the bedside. Liquid cooling can cut power costs by 40 percent, states Iceotope CEO David Craig Predictive care

By 2030, healthcare systems worldwide will be expected to deliver diagnostics and care that is both proactive and predictive, enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data-driven analytics, as connected care and bioinformatics commentators forecast .

In the very near future, advanced analytics applications, including AI and ML, will greatly improve clinical decision making and patient care outcomes. Analyzing patient health records alongside vast datasets that cover populations, conditions, countries, environmental factors, virology data and much […]

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