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How did climate change cause the Texas snowstorm?


2021 has brought some surprises, and one of those surprises is the terrible snowstorm in Texas. Although there have been such conditions in the past, this storm hit hard, leading me to think about climate change’s role in the extremity of the storm. Did climate change make the snowfall worse?

While snowstorms on the East Coast are expected, such conditions in the Midwest and Texas were alarming. Cities like Houston and Dallas experienced horrible snowstorms and extreme cold weather.

Lack of preparedness made things worse in Texas. While Texas Senator Ted Cruz was seen escaping to warmer weather in Cancún, electricity grids failed , leaving Texans with no power for days. Millions of Texans were left unable to get food easily and without proper running water and heat. Coupled with the pandemic, this has made things difficult for Texas.

Natasha Chugh, a sophomore who is currently in Texas, testified in an email to The News-Letter that her experience through the recent snowstorm has been tough.

“The snowstorm caused power outages all across Texas, including my house, for a whole week. Fortunately, we had power every other hour, but some didn’t have any at all,” she wrote.

She noted that her friends at the University […]

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