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How Do We Make Our Music Economy Richer? Treat Music Like Sports


In the Faroe Islands, a remote nation of 50,000 people in the north Atlantic, every village and settlement has a football pitch . The pitches are pristine, regardless of the size of settlement, whether it is a suburb of the capital, Torshavn, or a village of 200 people. While having professional infrastructure to train supports wider player development, it does not guarantee that more players who take to the field will succeed professionally. In 2021, there were 14 Faroese nationals playing professionally. In another assessment, less than 1% of players , on average, will ever be remunerated for playing. But that return on investment, where better infrastructure leads to more players, is not the sole justification for having these pitches everywhere. Access to the best facilities possible is about more than developing profitable talent. A simple right to play and a desire to provide the best facilities to do so take precedent. TORSHAVN, FAROE ISLANDS – JULY 17: A general view of the Torsvollur Stadium during the UEFA Cup 1st … [+] Getty Images The Faroe Islands also boasts a world class music school in the capital, Torshavn. At the same time kids are kicking balls into nets, many […]

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