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How healthcare organisations are tapping data analytics

Healthcare providers and institutions have been mining data for years to improve patient outcomes, advance medical research and cut waste in the case of regional healthcare networks. Financial applications automation – promise is real but needs business nous

The automation of the financial software that lies at the heart of any business & accountancy, budget management, general ledger, payroll, and so on & is a prize many organisations are eyeing up, with machine learning and robotic process automation close to mind. Find out everything you need to know by downloading this PDF E-Guide.

The trend will continue as digitalisation efforts intensify amid the pandemic, unlocking troves of data that can be used to support treatment of Covid-19 and national vaccination programmes.

Most healthcare organisations, however, have been implementing data analytics using point solutions that are limited in scope, according to Farhana Nakhooda, senior vice-president for Asia-Pacific at Health Catalyst, a healthcare data and analytics platform provider.

In an interview with Computer Weekly, Nakhooda talks about the state of adoption of analytics in healthcare, the importance of taking an enterprise-wide approach and the challenges that healthcare organisations face in their analytics initiatives.

Could you tell me more about Health Catalyst and how it […]

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