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How Immunoglobulin (IVIg) therapy is changing the health care industry


Did you know that a component of your blood could be used to create life-saving medicine for someone else? Many people who have chronic diseases or illnesses rely on immunoglobulin therapy , also known as IVIg or SCIg, a drug that is made from plasma.

IVIg is administered intravenously, which means “into a vein,” and SCIg is administered subcutaneously, which means “under the skin.” Both methods are effective but are prescribed for different reasons. A patient’s physician will carefully consider their medical situation, medical history, response to treatment, compliance with therapy, and lifestyle to determine which route will be a better option.

Ig therapy is radically changing the healthcare industry by empowering patients to quickly reduce inflammation in their bodies and experience relief from symptoms associated with their health condition. This specialty medication has many uses, making it a go-to therapy for physicians worldwide. It is the preferred treatment for patients with antibody deficiencies, low red-blood-cell counts, and more.

In the United States, over 75% of IVIg is used specifically for patients with autoimmune or inflammatory conditions. Ig is also used to treat conditions that fall under neurology, hematology, nephrology, and dermatology. How quickly IVIg works to relieve a patient’s symptoms varies […]

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