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How is Healthcare Information Kept Safe?


Migration to Digital Environment Adds Value and Vulnerabilities

Electronic healthcare information can provide a holistic view of a person’s health for better-coordinated care. Healthcare cybersecurity keeps the data safe. Healthcare information encompasses a wide variety of data, including: A person’s medical history such as demographic and clinical information

Collective health records of a community, from local to global

The activities of healthcare providers and organizations such as strategic planning and operations, financial information and research and development efforts

Healthcare information at the individual level can provide a holistic view of a person’s health for better coordinated care. At the community level, healthcare information can help understand public health and the factors that impact it.

The broad term can also refer to the technology systems that manage all of the healthcare-related data. This integrated network works together to improve patient care, increase productivity and profitability, and influence decisions and policies made by leaders. The evolution of healthcare information Not too long ago, the healthcare sector was a very static environment. Healthcare information was stored as paper files in physical locations and maintained and accessed through manual processes. These outdated methods had many issues, including communication, efficiency, accuracy and security.Today, healthcare information […]

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