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How KUB’s broadband could impact the region’s economy and everyday users

Representatives and supporters of the Knoxville Utilities Board’s fiber-based broadband network say it has the potential to serve as a business recruitment incentive, an accessibility equalizer and an educational leg up for students.

Starting in 2022, KUB will offer 1-gigabit-per-second upload and download speeds to its more than 210,000 electrical customers over several counties, mostly Knox, Union and Grainger.

People like Seven Islands resident Nancy Lewelling will be happy to have a new option for internet.

Lewelling, an IT specialist, told Knox News she has been trying for years to get stable, high-speed internet, but the cable lines don’t go near her property.

“You cross your fingers and if you are lucky you get on Netflix,” said Lewelling.

To get internet service for all her work and entertainment needs, Lewelling has strung together four phones into a hotspot network across her home.All of these hotspots have data caps, after which service gets throttled by her cell company, which makes IT work difficult. Cell and television signal quality are so poor in her area that she built a portable antennae tower to catch signals on her property.“It’s crazy enough to be an IT person and make it work but most people out here work from […]

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