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How machine learning can improve patients’ care plans


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The Diverse Roles of AI & ML

An expert in machine learning and natural language processing discusses how these technologies are enhancing care and enabling the use of SDOH data and personalized analytics. Some healthcare provider organizations are using machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence to provide clinicians with the best evidence-based care pathways.

A group’s aim could be to improve a patient’s care plan based on personalized analytics. Another goal could be the further merging of evidence-based care paths with historical utilization and outcomes in order to offer optimal patient care. Provider organizations might be using social determinants of health combined with machine learning to offer clinically meaningful services.

Healthcare IT News talked over these ideas with Niall O’Connor, chief technology officer at Cohere Health, a vendor of artificial intelligence technology and services designed to improve the provider, patient and payer experiences.

Q: How is machine learning being used to comprehensively enhance a patient’s entire care plan based on personalized analytics? And how is machine learning being used to combine evidence-based care paths – with real-world historical utilization, outcomes and the latest literature – to provide first-rate patient care? A: Evidence-based guidelines are […]

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