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How Malcolm Gladwell Could Enable a Campus Conversation of ‘I Hate the Ivy League’


Published in July of 2022.

Malcolm Gladwell has some hard things to say about elite higher education. We should listen.

If Malcolm or any of the brilliant people working at Pushkin are listening (I know they are smart because we chatted after I reviewed Miracle and Wonder ), here is what I’m proposing.

Pushkin Industries , the audio production company Gladwell co-founded and is president, should do two things.

First, Gladwell and the Pushkin team should develop a discussion guide for the audiobook. A set of questions that students, professors, and staff can discuss together. I’d be happy to help with that guide.

Second, Pushkin should figure out a way to provide the audiobook free of charge for anyone with an EDU email address. This task shouldn’t be too hard, as the audiobook mainly repackages Gladwell’s Revisionist History higher education-themed podcast episodes. There are no other book formats to worry about, and the only way to read the book is to download a digital file and listen.In exchange for Gladwell’s company going through the effort and expense to get free versions of I Hate the Ivy League into the hands of students, faculty, and staff — we (higher ed insiders) will […]

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