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How music therapy helps patients


Board-certified music therapists help patients with any pain, discomfort and anxiety associated with hospitalization. Music therapy also has the potential to enhance healing and recovery.

Norton Healthcare has joined many major medical settings around the nation in using music as a therapeutic tool. Top cancer centers are among those using music therapy as a key part of their integrative medicine programs. According to the American Music Therapy Association, 6,000 credentialed music therapists are practicing in the U.S., 15% of whom work in medical or surgical sites. Music therapy

Board-certified music therapists help patients from Louisville and Southern Indiana with pain, discomfort and anxiety often associated with hospitalization.

“It’s important for people in our community to have access to this type of comprehensive and compassionate cancer care close to home,” said Brian Schreck, a board-certified music therapist who works with Norton Cancer Institute patients.

Research shows that when music therapy is used with conventional cancer treatments, it can help improve both emotional and physical well-being.

“Music has incredible power to connect with people,” Brian said. “Music therapy uses evidence-based approaches to bring together medicine’s compassionate and clinical sides.”While each of us can experience music in a very personal way, many people find that music […]

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