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How patient-generated data contributes to clinician burnout

Photo via Getty Images A new article published this past week in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that electronic health record-integrated patient-generated health data may create burdens for clinicians, leading to burnout.

In particular, researchers from Northwestern University found that technostress, time pressure and workflow-related issues need to be addressed to accelerate the integration of patient-generated health data into clinical care.

“Clinician burnout is not only a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, but also a type of cynicism about job responsibilities,” wrote Jiancheng Ye, a PhD student at Northwestern University, in the article.

“Burnout is a reaction marked by lacking the sense of accomplishment, feeling emotionally exhausted and experiencing depersonalization,” Ye continued.


As the article notes, technology such as wearables, smartphone apps and remote monitoring devices increasingly collect health-related patient information, which they then share in turn with healthcare providers.The article focuses on two main health data elements: patient-reported outcomes reported directly from patients in the form of questionnaires, and mobile health.”Coupled with deployed electronic health records, patient portals and secure messaging, these new types of data enable patients to actively engage in the health care process, further improving the connection with their HCPs,” Ye wrote.However, […]

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