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How Payments Powered the Connected Economy in 2021


Were we living in a connected economy before the pandemic rearranged everything? Yes and no. Smartphones and apps were solid, and online banking via desktop and laptops was common. We had smart speakers and smart homes, and there was no shortage of ways to connect.

With many requisite pieces in place, we weren’t yet living in a connected economy in 2019, but it was in the air. That year, PYMNTS first debuted the connected economy framework to describe the forces coalescing into a new ecosystem for living, working, playing and paying.

Timing is everything. Just as PYMNTS was introducing our audience to the connected economy concept, a global health crisis struck with an oddly specific set of concerns around touching things like ATM keypads, leaving dwellings or even being near other people. When in-person connections were abruptly severed, we innovated, rendering the great digital shift of 2020.

By mid-2021, the digital shift was quietly morphing into the connected economy. What’s the difference? It’s a great question, and PYMNTS posed it to some of the smartest people we know to produce The PYMNTSTV ConnectedEconomy™ Series, Creating And Connecting A New World.

As we look those responses, we’re struck by the consistency of vision and […]

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