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How South Park: The Streaming Wars Takes a Stance on Climate Change with ManBearPig


South Park has been a staple of the comedy world since the ’90s. Thus far, there have been twenty-five seasons of the show. The show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are responsible for the bulk of its creative process. As such, South Park has a famously fast turnaround on episodes, which allows it to parody current events almost as soon as they happen. In August of 2021, South Park was renewed through 2027, so it appears that the socially scathing comedy series will be skewering powerful institutions of individuals for years to come.

In place of immediately creating another season of the series, South Park’s creators have opted to release a series of films. From 2021 to 2021, the first of the new batch of South Park specials was released. They primarily focused on the Covid-19 pandemic . In the pandemic specials, no one was safe from the scorn of Parker and Stone. Anti-vaxxers were mocked for their refusal to accept the well-established science of immunization. Masks took on the moniker “chin diapers,” a reference to the fact that many folks seem unable to wear their mask properly, instead opting to affix them under their mouths, and the powerful […]

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