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How spatial scanning can help us achieve ‘ecohuman-centric’ living


COVID-19 has given the world an opportunity to realize the significance of a people-centric sustainable ecosystem.

In most nations, infrastructure is planned on a data set collected in previous years, with no clear consideration of the expansion the city is undergoing in reality.

With no mechanism to measure the damage done to the ecosystem, regulatory bodies are left adrift.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed the global significance of constructing people-centric sustainable infrastructure – for example, the problems caused by the unavailability of hospital infrastructure needed to treat COVID-19 patients. This is not just in developing countries but also in the developed world, where there has been no real-time process to assess “ecohuman-centric” sustainability indicators – something which should now be reviewed.

In the last few decades, nations around the world have created policies to attract more businesses to invest in their respective countries. While there have been numerous conditions placed on this investment from an environmental perspective – the creation of special economic zones, green building certification, etc. – the inhabitants residing in the areas surrounding these investments often aren’t afforded the same such considerations.

Combining economy and environment in more efficient ways According to World Bank statistics, […]

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