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How speech to text, password managers and other tech helped me work with a broken collarbone


Doctors repaired my collarbone with the stainless steel plate shown in this X-ray image. I really wish I hadn’t broken my collarbone. But one silver lining from the experience has been learning how well technology lets me live my life with one arm immobilized in a sling.

Far and away, the best feature has been speech-to-text tools that let me type without a keyboard. Honorable mentions go to swipe keyboards on phones, biometric authentication, and password managers. Everything Apple

After two weeks with my arm in a sling, and at least four more to go, I have a much better appreciation for what accessibility technology offers people who have longer-term disabilities.

My frustration at being unable to lift a box or tighten my belt contrasts with the liberation I feel seeing my words almost magically appear on a screen as I speak. My ignominious bike crash

I crashed, my ego is sad to report, while mountain biking on a very easy trail. Fractured collarbones are a classic injury for cyclists who extend one arm while falling.

The break significantly limits my ability to use my right arm and hand. Even after surgery, which dramatically eased my pain and improved my range […]

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