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How symptom checkers can overcome five challenges facing healthcare decision-makers


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As demand on the healthcare industry increases and the healthcare model adapts to meet the needs of a population requiring more complex care, providers will need to step up their offerings. This may feel like a mammoth task, but technology can be utilized to streamline processes and relieve pressure on healthcare service providers and medical practitioners around the world.

Specifically, digital AI symptom health checkers can support not only healthcare professionals, but patients through enhanced experience too. With their ability to simulate how doctors think and analyze symptoms to provide quick, accurate medical guidance, while also helping to spot population-level health trends, their significant role should not be overlooked.

Questions to consider then are: how can symptom checkers be used to help reach quicker and better outcomes? And what industry-wide challenges can they help conquer? 1. Directing patients to the right level of care to reduce unnecessary visits

A recent Symptomate study into the use of AI symptom checkers revealed that 40.5 percent of users who approach medical services don’t know the type of health support they need. This trend is apparent across the health industry, with many either not seeking medical help […]

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