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How Tech Can Help Your Car’s Fuel Economy


Fuel economy and gas prices are ongoing concerns for many drivers. That’s primarily because prices at the pump are often higher than they’d like. Plus, at least for now, most cars on the roads won’t work without fuel. So let’s explore some of the causes of bad gas mileage and how tech could bring improvements. Why Is My Gas Going Down so Fast?

Many drivers look at the gas gauge in dismay, wondering how a full tank’s worth of gas is already almost gone so quickly. Unfortunately, there are numerous possible reasons for this problem. Fortunately, some are easy fixes.

As you start exploring excessive fuel consumption causes to see which ones might apply, start by checking the vehicle’s tire pressure. Improper tire pressure can worsen fuel economy.

Examine your driving behaviors, too. Idling, revving the engine, and fast starts are some of the habits that can waste gas.

If your car suddenly begins getting worse gas mileage, review some of your recent trips. Traveling in significantly different ways than usual, such as doing more city driving when you typically only use your car in the countryside, can cause gas mileage changes.

Otherwise, it’s worth getting your car checked by a mechanic. Problems […]

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