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How technology is meeting the changing needs of the home health care worker


Over the past two years, the need for social distancing brought more patient care into the home. A March 2022 survey found that 76% of people who have had a telehealth visit since July 2021 would prefer telehealth visits in the future. Physicians are in favor of the trend as well, with 75% saying that telehealth has allowed them to deliver high-quality care and more than 70% feeling motivated to increase telehealth use. Studies suggest that in-home care results in better patient outcomes and costs up to 30% less to provide than in-person care.

As more health systems expand at-home offerings, home health care workers face new responsibilities with an emphasis on efficiency. That places a greater focus on digitization. However, the increased adoption of digital tools has sparked concern about factors like cybersecurity and sanitization, while simultaneously creating opportunities for new workflows with the growing use of remote monitoring tools.

Achieving enhanced efficiency through digitization

Serving more patients at home makes efficiency a greater priority for home health care workers and rugged mobile technology is a key differentiator, empowering them to digitize manual workflows.

Reporting consumes a significant portion of home health care workers’ time daily, especially if they need […]

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