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How telehealth can help inpatient care, and what a hybrid future looks like


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A telemedicine expert discusses how virtual care will evolve beyond its current use today. Mike Brandofino, CEO of Caregility Healthcare provider organizations and clinicians are fortunate that telehealth has gone mainstream as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth opens up many new avenues to expand access to care, streamline the delivery of care, create new workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Hopefully the Congress and state legislatures will act soon to ensure the temporary reimbursement expansions for telemedicine will continue after the public health emergency ends.

But what can provider organizations do to accelerate virtual care adoption? How can telehealth be used as a patient engagement tool in inpatient settings? What are workflows that showcase the potential of hybrid care delivery – in-person encounters and virtual sessions – in the future of healthcare? And how will telehealth evolve beyond its current use today?

Healthcare IT News sat down with Mike Brandofino, CEO of Caregility, a vendor of telehealth technology and services, to get the answers to these important questions. Q: Now that telehealth has gone mainstream because of the pandemic, how do you believe provider organizations can accelerate virtual care adoption? A. There has been a […]

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