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How to bring the public the fair healthcare they deserve


Senate Democrats are resurrecting President Joe Biden’s shortsighted Build Back Better bill after reaching an agreement with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). The bill, besides raising taxes and greenlighting Green New Deal provisions, would expand government control over drug pricing in a misguided attempt to bring down healthcare costs. Though the public largely agrees that healthcare reform is needed, given the 31 million uninsured people and the cost of healthcare averaging over $12,500 per person in 2020, sadly, but unsurprisingly, Republicans are being entirely excluded from the negotiations.

We have real differences in how we want to address our problems, leading to oversimplified stereotypes that suggest Republicans insist on fiscally responsible, long-term solutions that will bring costs down, while Democrats will not risk increasing the number of uninsured people, even in the short term. As a result, this disagreement has led to an impasse.

Our policy divergence made headlines recently when a bill artificially capping the price of insulin was opposed by the majority of Republicans in the House. Republicans agree that insulin must be affordable, but price-fixing never works and will lead to higher insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs for everyone as insurers make up for their financial losses elsewhere in […]

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