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How to buy an AV receiver in 2021


If you want true home theater sound in your living room, even the best soundbar isn’t going to cut it. Soundbars are convenient, easy to set up and sound much better than your TV’s built-in speakers, especially for TV shows and movies. But an AV receiver paired with a set of separate speakers takes sound quality to the next level, with immersive, powerful audio that trounces a soundbar, particularly if you listen to music as well as home theater.

Deciding which AV receiver to buy can be overwhelming, with each model sporting tons of logos and proprietary technologies that aren’t easy to understand if you’re not familiar with home audio. Features such as Dolby Atmos , 8K , HDR10 Plus , eARC and more. But the truth is most of those features don’t matter much and you should focus on just a few major points when making your pick. Stay tuned

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If you want a quick recommendation, here it is: Not the most up-to-date spec-wise but it offers everything you need — great sound and excellent connectivity. It also offers the widest streaming compatibility […]

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