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How To Connect With Consumers On Social Justice Issues


Consumers increasingly expect brands to take a stand on social causes that are important to them, a phenomenon inspiring many companies to embrace content that encourages transparent conversation around important movements over content that simply delights.

Kantar’s latest study set out to understand how brands can respond to this shift by conducting contextual research on consumers’ personal values. Using artificial intelligence analytics tools, the firm identified five ways marketers can engage consumers through social justice awareness and action.

First, brands must have brave conversations. Kantar examined 17 personal values including improvement, fairness, equality and energy, and observed an increase in consumer conversations around bravery in the context of racism, community and family. Brands that aren’t afraid to speak out include Nike for its anti-racist “ For Once Don’t Do It ” campaign, which amassed over 5 million views, and Ben & Jerry’s for publishing bold statements such as “We must dismantle white supremacy.”

Next, brands should support black- and minority-owned businesses. Kantar studied 15 actions including donations, boycotts and employee support, and noticed the common theme in consumer conversations here is how brands can make it easy to help and contribute to small businesses. UberEats , for example, launched an initiative […]

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