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How to Detect Politically Biased Psychology


Lee Jussim There is no Psychologist General, and studies do not come with a warning. Scientific articles will have all the trappings of science. They will have Methods and Statistics, they might even be Experiments. They are often filled with impressive-sounding jargon. What’s an intelligent layperson to do? In this essay, I identify four guideposts that one can use to infer whether an article is so politically biased it should not be taken seriously.

Warning Sign I: The Finding Vindicates Some Left Narrative Gross & Simmons, 2007. The social and political views of American a The political distribution of psychological scientists is so skewed that the numbers sound like delusions of right-wing propagandists. Over 98% of the psychological scientists in this survey voted for Obama over Romney, and, at elite colleges and universities, 90-100% of faculty identify as Democrat or left . In addition to the results shown on the left, this 2020 survey also found that about 40% of social science faculty identify as radicals, activists and/or Marxists. Although people on the right (including scientists) may be just as likely to be biased as those on the left, here is hardly any right in psychology.

Warning Sign […]

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