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How to Fight Climate Change as a Software Engineer


Software has an impact on climate change and we as software engineers can make a difference. By keeping the created carbon emissions in mind and doing what is possible to reduce carbon emissions caused by software, we can contribute to the fight against climate change.

Waiting for data centers to fully run on renewable energy is not enough and will take too long. We need to decrease the amount of energy that software consumes, in addition to increasing the amount of renewable energy that powers the data centers in order to speed up this transition.

Huge amounts of energy are wasted every day by software blocking space and consuming energy at data centers without being used most of the time. We need to consequently scale software down to zero and remove unused deployments from data centers.

It is worth taking a look at the actual resource consumption of software; efforts to reduce this resource consumption pay off in terms of lower energy and hardware consumption. The impact looks small initially, but scaling effects turn it into significant numbers.

Take the carbon intensity into account when choosing a data center or public cloud region – the carbon emissions caused by […]

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