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How To Light A Fuse Under The Green Hydrogen Economy

Green hydrogen: an alternative that reduces emissions and cares for our planet. Generating electricity from clean hydrogen has always been elusive.

But that may change in the not-so-distant future: the technological, political and environmental factors — the variables to create the hydrogen economy — are aligning. What remains a sticking point, though, is the cost factor. But the cost of wind and solar power has dramatically dropped, making the associated technologies and fuels affordable.

Notably, the price of the underlying technology is falling: the electrolyzer, which splits apart the hydrogen and oxygen from the water where it is found.

“We expect to see the commercial scale in the nearer term,” says Bruce Hallbert, a director for the Idaho National Laboratory, at a web conference sponsored by the United States Energy Association on Friday. “We move with purpose.

We address all the issues: economics and safety. The scale will follow relatively soon.” He adds that the lab is testing hydrogen produced from nuclear energy, which does not result in added CO2 emissions and among the utilities it is partnering with are Exelon Corp., First Energy Corp. and Xcel Energy.

To be clear, more than 99% of the world’s hydrogen production […]

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