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How to Make that Economy Flight Feel like First Class


Got that champagne taste on a “champagne-of-beer” budget? Great news—sitting in economy class on an airplane does not have to be an uncomfortable nightmare, even on a budget airline! It can, in fact, be a pleasurable experience if you prepare for your travel ahead of the flight and maybe, just maybe, splurge a little on yourself.

In an age where airlines have a multitude of budget offerings, there are many great deals on flights cross-country or abroad. That low-fare economy seat may come with similarly valued budget amenities, however, so be sure to level up your own experience to make your economy class flight feel like first with the tips and tricks below. Go ahead, upgrade yourself. Pre-Flight Prepping for In-Air Pampering

Make Your Own Amenity Kit

In premium cabins, airlines often give passengers amenity kits that contain toiletries and small items that range in luxury depending on the class and the airline. While you may not get one from the airline in the economy, you can make one for yourself to enjoy on the flight! Grab a pouch with a zipper or drawstring and fill it with small amenities for yourself—comfortable socks, an eye mask, Colgate wisps (remember […]

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