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How to Nudge Climate Deniers Into Doing the Right Thing

Farm land in California, where aquifers are being drained as climate change alters precipitation patterns. Photo: Ian Abbott

Who could forget back in 2015 when Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma brought a snowball to the Senate floor as apparent proof that climate change could not be happening simply because there was snow on the ground in Washington, D.C.? The media had a field day poking fun at him and his “reasoning,” with some speculating as to whether he truly did not understand how climate change works or worse, that he did and was just pretending not to.

When climate denial or climate skepticism is discussed in the media, there’s not always much clarification as to why some people have these beliefs. Psychologists and researchers have identified a few different why’s : for example, some may not believe in climate change simply because they don’t have the science education to understand what’s happening. Others might deny the climate crisis because they’ve been taking in misinformation from their favorite news outlet or social media platform.

And some people might have personal reasons for attempting to deny the reality of climate change, even if they have access to the data that proves the climate […]

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