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How will climate change affect hailstorms?


Expected effects of climate change on hailstorms vary markedly by region, says a new international review involving UNSW. Hail is expected to be more severe when it does occur, because there will be more instability in the atmosphere which can lead to the formation of much larger hailstones. Image: Shutterstock. Hail severity will increase in most regions of the world while Australia and Europe are expected to experience more hailstorms as a result of climate change, an international review led by a UNSW Sydney researcher has found.

The review study, published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment , examined the effects climate change will have on hail in the future.

It shows a global summary of hail trends from past observations and projected future trends from simulations and models.

The review led to the general expectation that hailstorm frequency will decrease in East Asia and North America, while increasing in Australia and Europe, and that hailstorm severity will increase in most regions.

Researchers from University of Bern, Central Michigan University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, Colorado State University and Peking University took part in the study.

“We came to the conclusion that on balance, the hail threat is likely to increase in […]

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