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How will data from remote diagnosis change healthcare?


© Dark1elf José Bastos, Director at knok , explores how data from remote diagnosis will alter healthcare and discusses how knok will play its part in this digital transformation journey

In “The Sun Also Rises”, when they asked Mike Campbell, a veteran war, how he went bankrupt, he replied, “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” That’s precisely how we feel about the change that will rush through healthcare: the effects are gradual, then sudden.

Healthcare is a trendy topic that the pandemic has boosted. Worldwide changes in Government policies and a massive increase in venture funding are quickly promoting healthcare’s digital transformation. Despite the seemingly fast pace, we’re still on the “gradually” side of the effect. Once data comes into play, changes will “suddenly” accelerate and enter the mainstream. Significant breakthroughs in technology enable collecting, storing, processing, analysing, and distributing data seamlessly, allowing for areas such as telemedicine and remote monitoring to lead the way.

To deliver an excellent remote experience, though, the first step is to create an onboarding flow that smoothly drives patients to the appointment by guiding them through critical workflows. Similarly, health providers need to ensure patients stay engaged and informed of any future new medical practice […]

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