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I’m an Openly Gay Pediatrician. I’ve Seen How the Healthcare System Fails LGBTQ+ Kids.

Daniel Summers is a paediatrician and regular contributor to Slate . He lives in Maine with his husband and their children, and has worked in private pediatric practice in the Northern Boston suburbs since 2010. Here, he shares with Men’s Health how being an openly gay doctor helps him to create a safe space for all of his LGBTQ+ patients, and the ways in which trans children in particular are being failed by the current system.

IT’S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME to be out in my professional life. During the pandemic, as we didn’t have a regular Pride season per se, I ordered a pair of purple scrubs that I could work into my rotation, and I started wearing the rainbow pin. Then I just kept wearing the pin for the entire year, because there’s no reason to stop wearing it.

It hasn’t meant that much to every patient, but I know there have been patients where it has clearly been meaningful to them to see that I am representing that part of myself, so they can then feel comfortable sharing whatever identity they have during their appointments. I don’t make a point of mentioning it, but I am […]

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