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Improving Community College Transfer Pathways Could Help With Teacher Shortages


The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated concerns over teacher labor shortages. In extreme instances, states have even called in the National Guard to staff classrooms or fill other roles in schools. While teacher shortages are a nationwide issue, they are of particular concern in Michigan, where enrollment in teacher preparation programs has dropped by 70 percent over the past eight years.

In a recent survey conducted by the Michigan Education Association of 2,600 educators across the state, more than 90 percent expressed concern over teacher and staff shortages, and more than 40 percent anticipated leaving their school within the next two to three years. Low salaries , stressful working conditions and an overemphasis on standardized testing have long contributed to teacher burnout, but the pandemic seems to have heightened teachers’ stress and discontent with the profession.

In response to teacher labor shortages, Michigan’s Department of Education recently issued a series of policy recommendations for the state Legislature. These recommendations include relaxed regulations on out-of-state teachers who apply for in-state teacher certification, student loan repayment for college graduates committed to the teaching profession and efforts to improve the teacher preparation pipeline, each of which are laudable in their own right. But the proposals […]

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