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Improving the Healthcare Revenue Cycle with AI and RPA

Health care billing statement. Imagine that you’re the CEO of a large healthcare provider, and you’re thinking about what to do with AI. You’ve heard about some of the fascinating results out of various research labs about how AI can equal or exceed human physicians in diagnosing cancer, retinal diseases, and even COVID-19. You salivate a bit at the dollars you might bring in from funding organizations and rich donors who want to be associated with these sexy developments.

But then you snap out of that dream and focus on the real value of AI for your hospitals. First of all, you know that what works in the lab doesn’t always work at the clinical bedside. Secondly, you remind yourself that the FDA has to approve these AI treatments, and that can take years. The last realization to wipe out your dream is that it’s unlikely any of these AI diagnostic capabilities will reduce your costs; you’ll probably still need the same number human radiologists, ophthalmologists, and so forth.

What you really need, it finally occurs to you, is AI to reduce administrative costs. You remember a conference you attended at a lovely resort at which Professor David Cutler , a […]

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