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“In finance, you have to talk about the blue economy”

The blue economy in five questions

How do the issues around natural capital and the blue economy relate to sustainable development?

The blue economy theme fits perfectly with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for example, SDG 14 on life below water and SDG 13 on climate action. Source: The Blue Economy and the SDGs at

The blue economy is an environmental theme that relates to the preservation of natural capital: preservation of biodiversity and mitigation of the effects of climate change. However, it also has a fundamental social dimension: access to fish stocks for coastal communities, reducing air pollution and plastic waste, the protection of coastal ecosystems, and job creation in responsible tourism.

These elements make it important to talk about the blue economy in finance as well. It is not only about climate change, which captures a major portion of investment nowadays. It is necessary to bring about joint environmental and social benefits and support sustainable growth more broadly.

What are the key criteria for an ESG analyst when considering the blue economy theme? You must first establish the extent to which a company’s activities depend on the oceans and marine ecosystems, and second, analyse the impact […]

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