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Incorporating a Circular Economy Into the Supply Chain


Dec 07, 2021 | Case Study

With a supply chain that extends to over 60 countries, Dow views supply chain sustainability as a key enabler of our overall corporate sustainability strategy. That’s why we have made incorporating circular solutions into our supply chain a priority. By identifying and implementing ways to cut waste and save resources, we can extend the life cycle of the materials and work toward a low-carbon future.

This cannot be done alone. Such efforts require collaboration with our suppliers, customers and logistics service providers. Here’s a look at how recent collaborative efforts are reducing waste and carbon emissions in the supply chain:

Saving on packaging

Reducing packaging materials is a key materials-saving strategy. We do this by simplifying packaging or by replacing heavier containers with lighter ones. For example, in Asia Pacific, we have been using super-thin stretch wrap film to secure pallets. Common polyethylene (PE) stretch wrap film is 20-25 microns thick. Enabled by Dow technology (DOWLEX™ and ELITE™), our films are a wafer-thin 8 to 10 microns, with even better pallet-load securement performance. With the new stretch wrap film, plastic consumption can be reduced by 50% for each pallet load, resulting in emissions savings.

Reusing […]

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